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TAC –F Harsh Environment

TAC –F is a tactical fiber optic connector, enabling tactical fiber cables to be connected together and with optic systems. They withstand harsh environmental conditions being deployed in field connectors with cables field-deployed survive cars and heavy vehicles passing over them as well as rain, water, oil, etc.


> Harsh environment.

> Low optic loss.

> Simple—only male ferrule.

> Can include single and multi-mode.

> Power pass-through fiber & connector.

> Multi-segment connection ALERT.

> Water and oil resistance.


> Tactical deployment in the field.
> Harsh environment resistance.
> Military networks.
> Shelters link.
> Accept 2 or 4 fibers.
> Use tactical F/O cables.
> Very small footprint.
> Light and robust.
> Use in pollution environments: oil, gas, water

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